SouthWest Community Management offers a wide range of services to homeowner associations. Click on the links below to read more about each service option.

Complete List of Services

ATTENDANCE AT BOARD MEETINGS - Regular board of director meetings (as required) and one annual meeting per year will be attended.

BUDGET PREPARATION - An annual operating and reserve budget is prepared for the board to review and approve as well as assist in the presentation and distribution to homeowners, if applicable. The budget is prepared and submitted as per the guidelines.

CC&R VIOLATION MANAGEMENT - As the property is being inspected, violations of the Rules & Regulations and CC&R's will also be checked. Typically the first notice of violation is a reminder; second notice of violation is a notice of a future fine and the third notice sent certified and regular mail assesses a fine to the account. Continued inspections to monitor each location to ensure that violations are corrected and a monthly violation report is provided.

COMMUNITY BULLETIN - An occasional update can be prepared and distributed to all homeowners as notification of a community-wide matter, (if done on a routine basis, a fee is negotiated).

COMMUNITY INSPECTION - A monthly status inspection report of the property and common areas will be provided.

DELINQUENT ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT - The process to collect delinquent assessments is pre-set by the board of directors and the association documents to which we will follow. However, we also provide recommended procedures and notices.

FINANCIAL REPORTS - MONTHLY - The financial reports are very detailed and include twelve months of activity with annual results year to date and remaining budgeted months.

HOMEOWNER/BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOLLOW-UP - All calls, requests and/or concerns will be followed up within a 24-hour period excluding weekends and holidays unless an emergency situation arises.

INSURANCE COVERAGE - The necessary insurance coverage is obtained as specified.

LEGISLATIVE COMPLIANCE - Federal, state and local laws will be adhered to so that the community is in compliance with such laws. SouthWest Community Management, to the best of its ability, will remain current with federal, state and local laws by attending various seminars and continued education classes.

MAINTENANCE OF ASSOCIATION RECORDS AND FILES - All association records and files for all owners, board/homeowner correspondence, etc. will be maintained.

NEW HOMEOWNER'S INTRODUCTION PACKAGE MANAGEMENT - When a sale occurs in the community, a new homeowner welcome letter, customized coupon book, CC&R's, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Rules & Regulations (if applicable) and any recent community bulletins or community information will be sent to a new homeowner.

PERSONNEL - Full support from the working owners of the company.

SUPERVISION AND COORDINATION OF MAINTENANCE OF COMMON FACILITIES - All bid solicitation and preparation for normal maintenance items will be handled. Supervision and direction of the vendors to ensure an open and honest working relationship is provided.